Farmstead Cheese Sampler, Includes Recipes, Pennyroyal Farm

Farmstead Kitchen Sampler

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Whether you are a newbie with a mixing spoon or looking to adventure with classic dishes, this special cheese sampler highlights our farmstead's most utilized cheeses in our own kitchen. Each cheese has an associated recipe and altogether, will guide a menu fit for your next dinner party! 

The Farmstead Kitchen Sampler includes five recipes printed on our beloved "goat cards" and the following cheese ingredients: 6 oz of Laychee with Blueberries, a round of Velvet Sister, a small wheel of Log Lifter, and wedges of our raw, aged Boont Corners Two Month and Boonter's Blue.

Log Lifter Pimento Cheese
Boont Corners Vintage Straws
Boonter’s Blue & Caramelized Onion Lasagna
Velvet Sister Crème Brulée
Morning After
Laychee with Blueberries Scones

Recommended Wine Pairing: Dinner Party - Wine Pack


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The Farmstead Kitchen Sampler includes five recipe cards and five kinds of cheese:

Laychee with Blueberries (6 oz): A soft, fresh cheese from pasteurized goat milk similar to chèvre, blended with blueberry preserve.

Log Lifter (10 oz): A pasteurized goat cheese with a semi-soft texture that is easy to grate and melts well -- essential for a variety of recipes!

Velvet Sister (6 oz): A Camembert-inspired, mold-ripened goat cheese, with bold mushroom flavors that develops a creamy texture as it ripens.

Boonter's Blue (7 oz): Made from raw goat milk, moderately flavored with blue-veining and a dry, fudgy texture.

Boont Corners, Vintage (6 oz): Aged five to seven months and made from raw goat and sheep milk, the texture is slightly drier and the flavor is sharp and tangy.


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