Log Lifter, Pennyroyal Farm

Log Lifter

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Each spring as the goats hit their peak milk production, our cheese vats are overflowing, and the aging rooms fill rapidly. To take advantage of this "log lifter" surge of milk, we developed a pasteurized cheese recipe that only needs a short aging period, spending just a few weeks in the aging room before the paste reaches a desirable taste and texture. The recipe is influenced by Italian varieties like Provolone than our other cheeses which have French origins. This semi-firm cheese has become our farmstead’s go-to "kitchen cheese" as it is mild and melty and easily worked into cheese-centric staples like lasagna and pizza.


Semi-Firm Goat Milk
Available in 10 oz
Made with cultured pasteurized goat & sheep milk, rennet, salt.

Wine Pairing: 2021 Chardonnay, Hammer Olsen Vineyard