Boonter's Blue

Boonter's Blue

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Boonter's Blue is Pennyroyal's distinctive blue-veined cheese made from raw milk. It is dry, moderately flavored with a fudgy texture, similar to the Spanish cheese Cabrales. The curd is cut into 1/2 inch cubes and stirred for 90 minutes and then the whey is drained from the vat as the curds knit together. The curds are laboriously hand milled before being hand packed in moulds. This milling technique produces small, more uniform curds that pack closer together, giving Boonter's Blue a milder flavor with attractive delicate veining. 


Blue Vein Goat & Sheep Milk Cheese

Available in 7 oz or Full Wheel

Made with cultured raw goat milk, rennet, salt. Aged 60 days minimum.

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