Holiday Cheese Sampler

Holiday Cheese Sampler

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When you’re planning a get-together and need a festive board or a special delight in seasonality, this selection of six farmstead cheeses—all handmade in small batches at the farm—will bring a unique taste of place to the table! Includes our fresh chèvre Laychee, a seasonal Laychee with Fennel Pollen & Pink Peppercorn, a round of Bollie's Mollies and wedges of our raw, aged Boont Corners and Frattey Corners.


The Holiday Cheese Sampler includes:

Bollie's Mollies (4.5 oz): A surface-ripened cheese that develops a fine layer of blue-grey mold, which lends complexity to the tang of the young cheese.

Boont Corners, Two Month (6 oz): Made from fresh raw goat milk which are aged over two months, the texture is pliable and it has a mild, herbaceous flavor.

Boont Corners, Reserve (6 oz): Aged over 180 days from fresh raw goat milk, the texture is hard and the flavors multifaceted.

Fratty Corners (6 oz): Aged five to seven months, the texture is slightly drier and the flavor is sharp and tangy.

Laychee (12 oz): Soft, fresh chèvre-like cheese from pasteurized goat milk with a tangy, citrusy zing.

Laychee with Fennel Pollen & Pink Peppercorn (6 oz): A soft, fresh cheese from pasteurized milk similar to chèvre with fennel pollen and pink peppercorn.


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