Boont Corners, Two Month Tomme, Pennyroyal Farm

Boont Corners – Two Month Tomme

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Boont Corners is the Boontling name for where Highways 128 and 253 meet and it was the site of the original Boonville which was called The Corners. It is a stone's throw from the location of Pennyroyal Farm. Boont Corners is made of fresh, raw milk. The youngest wheels of Boont Corners are sold after just 2 months of aging. A gentle washing of the cheese curds as they are being stirred produces young wheels that have a pliable texture, and the flavor is mild and slightly herbaceous. Wheels of Two Month are released between 2 and 4 months of age.


Aged Raw Goat & Sheep Milk

Available in 6 oz, 12 oz or Full Wheel

Made with cultured raw goat & sheep milk, rennet, salt. Aged 60 days minimum.