The Bahlers Cheese Quartet

The Bahlers Cheese Quartet

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To celebrate our most awarded cheeses at the 2023 CA State Fair, Good Food Awards, and International Cheese & Dairy Awards (see Awards tab), enjoy this limited bahlers selection of our farmstead cheeses—all handmade from raw, goat and sheep milk in small batches—includes a 6 oz wedge of Fratty Corners, a 6 oz wedge of Boont Corners, Two Month, a 6 oz wedge of Boont Corners, Reserve and a 7 oz wedge of Boonter's Blue.


Total Product Weight: 1.563 lb

The Bahlers Cheese Quartet includes:

Fratty Corners (6 oz): Made from fresh raw goat and sheep milk, aged several months in Pinot Noir pomace with a pliable, gentle texture with a deep, grapey aftertaste.

Boont Corners, Two Month (6 oz): Aged two months and made from fresh raw goat milk, the texture is pliable and it has a mild, herbaceous flavor.

Boont Corners, Reserve (6 oz): Aged over eight to twelve months, and made from fresh raw goat and sheep milk, the texture is hard and the flavors multifaceted.

Boonter's Blue (7 oz): Made from pasteurized goat and sheep milk, moderately flavored with blue-veining and a dry, fudgy texture.


2023 International Cheese & Dairy Awards
Boont Corners Two Month, Gold in Best of USA Goat Milk
Boonter's Blue, Gold in Best of USA Blue Veined

2023 California State Fair
Boont Corners Two Month, Gold
Boont Corners Reserve, Silver
Fratty Corners, Bronze

2023 Good Food Awards
Boont Corners Reserve
Boonter's Blue


$5.99 - CA
$19.99 - West of the Rockies
$29.99 - East of the Rockies, AK and HI.


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Olivewood Board & Cheese Knife Set, $39: This board and cheese knife are the perfect pair to help create your farmstead spread. Both are made of genuine olivewood and customized with Pennyroyal Farm designs. 
Olivewood Board: 12" x 7 7/8" x 1/2"; Olivewood Cheese Knife: Manufactured by Laguiole; 10 1/8" length with a forked tip. The grain may be straight, interlocked, or wild and the olivewood is cream or brown with darker brown or black streaks.

Fatted Calf Salametti, $15: Dry-cured salametti made by our friends at Fatted Calf. 4.5 oz, pork, humanely raised on pasture by independent family farmers, 100% antibiotic-free.