Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley, Pennyroyal Farm

Wine Pack: Rosy Horner

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A selection for Pinot Noir lovers and those who delight in a taste of place.


This special savings pack includes:

2021 Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley (2 / 4 bottles): Deep ruby color, autumn bouquet aroma, and flavors of black currant and tart cherry; aged 10 months.

2020 Pinot Noir, Jeansheep Vineyard (2 / 4 bottles): Rich Santa Rosa plum flavor spiced with cardamom and a summer forest nose; 18 months aging, 100% Clone 667.

2020 Pinot Noir, Eye of the Needle Vineyard (2/4 bottles): Sun-ripened blackberries, and smoked paprika flavors with a pronounced dried violet nose; limited-production, aged 18 months, 100% Clone 115.