Gift Pack, Fratty Trio, Pinot Noir, Jeansheep Vineyard, Eye of the Needle Vineyard, Monty In Vineyard, Pennyroyal Farm

Gift Pack: Fratty Trio

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A rare selection of Pennyroyal's reserve wines will make any Pinot Noir enthusiast feel special as these wines are only available to our Vine To Table members! This gift set includes Pennyroyal Farm engraved wine key made from olivewood.


This limited pack includes:

2020 Pinot Noir, Eye of the Needle Vineyard (1 bottle): Sun-ripened , and smoked paprika flavors with a pronounced dried violet nose; limited-production, aged 18 months, 100% Clone 115.

2020 Pinot Noir, Jeansheep Vineyard (1 bottle): Rich Santa Rosa plum flavor spiced with cardamom and a summer forest nose; limited-production, aged 18 months, 100% Clone 667.

2021 Pinot Noir, Monty In Vineyard (1 bottle): Elderberry flavor with hints of cacao nibs and fennel seed; limited-production, aged 18 months, 100% Clone 667.

Olivewood Wine Key: 4 3/4"; Olivewood handle, stainless steel boot lever and serrated blade knife, non-stick coated open spiral worm, and engraved on handle with Pennyroyal Farm design.