Boonter's Blue, Blue-Veined Cheese, Pennyroyal Farm

Boonter's Blue

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This limited cheese will return Spring 2023 as soon as our herd returns from their "maternity leave" and cheese in the aging room is ready for release.

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Boonter's Blue is Pennyroyal's distinctive blue-veined cheese made from raw milk. It is dry, moderately flavored with a fudgy texture, similar to the Spanish cheese Cabrales. The curd is cut into 1/2 inch cubes and stirred for 90 minutes and then the whey is drained from the vat as the curds knit together. The curds are laboriously hand-milled before being hand-packed in moulds. This milling technique produces small, more uniform curds that pack closer together, giving Boonter's Blue a milder flavor with attractive delicate veining. 


Blue Vein Goat Milk Cheese
Available in 7 oz or Full Wheel
Made with cultured raw goat milk, rennet, salt. Aged 60 days minimum.

Wine Pairing: 2018 Muscat Vin Doolsey, Anderson Valley
Recent Awards: 2022 American Cheese Society, 2nd Place