Boont Corners – Two Month Tomme

Boont Corners – Two Month Tomme

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Aged Raw Goat & Sheep Milk
Available in 6 oz, 12 oz or Full Wheel

Boont Corners is the Boontling name for where Highways 128 and 253 meet and it was the site of the original Boonville which was called The Corners. It is a stone's throw from the location of Pennyroyal Farm. Boont Corners is made of fresh, raw milk. The youngest wheels of Boont Corners are sold after just 2 months of aging. A gentle washing of the cheese curds as they are being stirred produces young wheels that have a pliable texture, and the flavor is mild and slightly herbaceous. Wheels of Two Month are released between 2 and 4 months of age.

Made with cultured raw goat & sheep milk, rennet, salt. Aged 60 days minimum.

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