2019 PinoTrio, Anderson Valley, Pennyroyal Farm

2019 PinoTrio, Anderson Valley

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Each varietal composing our PinoTrio is nothing new to the palate, but swirled together is a whole new white wine! Made from three distinct lots at our home ranch, these Pinot cousins play well together—historically these varietals are only a generation’s jump from each other. With its wet stone minerality, fresh nectarine mouthfeel, Rosé like florals, and almond croissant finish, we recommend letting it open fully in the glass, especially on a warm day at the beach.


750 ml
100% Estate Grown: Pinot Noir (46%); Pinot Blanc (33%); Pinot Gris (21%)

Cheese Pairing: Boont Corners Two Month
Case Production:
Alcohol: 13.2%
TA: 7.5
pH: 3.28