2021 Rosé of Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley, Pennyroyal Farm

2021 Rosé of Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley

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Rosé wine is a constant balancing act that affectionately exasperates winemaker Sarah. The tale begins in the vineyard, by determining almost-there ripeness complicated by early, heatwave-induced picking, followed by the need for more fruit as 2021 had low yields, and thus dipping into blocks usually reserved for red wine. Then once in the winery, she is chasing a moving target of balanced color and mouthfeel by selecting the amount of time on the skins before pressing. It's not as easy as it drinks! Commingling florals of sweetpeas and cherry blossoms and the crisp flavor of strawberry lemonade accentuate its signature Pinot Noir fullness and mid-palate acidity. This labor of love was fittingly bottled on Valentine’s Day and with every ounce, a wine made to be shared.


750 ml
100% Estate Grown Pinot Noir, CLones 667 (87%) & 115 (13%)
4 Mos Sur Lie

Cheese Pairing: Bollie's Mollies
Case Production: 604
Alcohol: 13.2%
TA: 7.6
pH: 3.14