2020 PinoTrio, Anderson Valley

2020 PinoTrio, Anderson Valley

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Each varietal composing our PinoTrio is nothing new to the palate, but swirled together is a whole new white wine! Made from three distinct lots at our home ranch, these Pinot cousins play well together—historically these varietals are only a generation’s jump from each other. With its wet stone minerality, sweet pea aroma, fresh-peach bite, almond oil mouthfeel, and dry finish, we recommend letting it open fully in the glass, especially on a warm day at the beach.


PinoTrio’s blended nature does allow for annual composition changes. This year especially, Sarah focused on how each varietal’s dramatic harvest would influence the harmony of the wine. The amount of Pinot Blanc was increased for its bright, resilient nature and reducing the amount of Pinot Noir from the previous year. Though the fruit was surprisingly rich, it’s early picking and low brix made it bone dry. The nail-biting anticipation of wildfires made for a very early harvest of Pinot Gris and resulted in a notable, peachy oiliness to round out this year’s vintage.


750 ml
100% Estate Grown: Pinot Blanc (39%); Pinot Noir (38%); Pinot Gris (23%)

Cheese Pairing: Boont Corners Two Month
Case Production: 589
Alcohol: 13.5%
TA: 6.4
pH: 3.34