Fall Cheese Quartet, Pennyroyal Farm

Fall Cheese Quartet

Regular price $67.00

This limited fall selection of our farmstead cheeses—all handmade from goat and sheep milk in small batches—includes 12 oz of plain Laychee, one 6 oz wedge of Fratty Corners, one 7 oz wedge of Boonter's Blue and one 6 oz round of Velvet Sister.


Total Product Weight: 1.875 lb

The Fall Cheese Quartet includes:

Laychee (12 oz): Soft, fresh chèvre-like cheese from pasteurized goat milk with a tangy, citrusy zing.

Fratty Corners (6 oz): Aged several months in Pinot Noir pomace collected during grape harvest last fall and made from fresh raw goat milk.

Boonter's Blue (7 oz): Made from raw milk, moderately flavored with blue-veining and a dry, fudgy texture.

Velvet Sister (6 oz): A Camembert inspired, mold-ripened cheese, with bold mushroom flavors that develops a creamy texture as it ripens.


$19.99 - West of the Rockies
$29.99 - East of the Rockies, AK and HI.

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