Boont Corners, Reserve Tomme, Pennyroyal Farm

Boont Corners – Reserve Tomme

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Boont Corners is the Boontling name for where Highways 128 and 253 meet and it was the site of the original Boonville which was called The Corners. It is a stone's throw from the location of Pennyroyal Farm. Boont Corners is made of fresh, raw milk. Boont Corners is inspired by the large wheels of cheese, made in the mountains of France, as a means of preserving the nutrients of abundant summer milk for the lean winter season. Wheels held for release under the Reserve designation are made during the summertime, when the goats’ milk is naturally lower in fat. The resulting curds are lower in moisture and slightly acidic, which enhances their ability to age for a prolonged period of time. Wheels of Reserve have a complex flavor that is both sweet and nutty, and a texture ideal for grating. Reserve Boont Corners is released between 8 and 12 months of age.


Aged Raw Goat & Sheep Milk Cheese
Available in 6 oz, 12 oz or Full Wheel
Made with cultured raw goat & sheep milk, rennet, salt. Aged 60 days minimum.

Wine Pairing: 2018 Brut Rosé, Anderson Valley
Recent Awards: 2023 Good Food Award